Strong wheel cleaner formula Removes contaminants that build up to levels of thick crust that are almost impossible to remove. Carefully formulated blend of acids to act as a powerful wheel cleaner Quickly and effectively removes, cleans and polishes wheels without over-scrubbing. Excellent dust, dirt, rust and road remover Easy and simple to use application. It is recommended to dilute 3 parts of water in 1 THUNDER RIMS CLEANER Do not use in; wheels without PVD coating, polished, anodized and / or aluminum. Spray on wheels, tires, brakes and suspension components, for 5 minutes. Rinse the wheels and tires with pressurized water or a hose. Dry the wheels to a perfect finish with a clean microfiber towel. When finishing use HYBRID CERAMIC TIRE DRESSING for UV protection and ultra-wet shine.

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